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What Next ...for members of Katrina and the Waves

They have certainly been busy!

Kimberley Rew has been writing songs no-stop for what seems like forever. You can check out his discography on his own website KimberleyRew.co.uk

Kimberley has also been writing, recording and playing live, mostly in and around the Cambridge UK area, in bands Jack, The Barefoot Doctors and Kim & Lee. During the Covid-19 lockdown, he  performed in live streaming videos from The Wednesday Session, with wife Lee Cave-Berry on bass and vocals.

Kimberley Rew and Lee Cave-Berry perform as Kim & Lee, until last year this was with much missed Tony Hill on drums, more recently with Malek Hyde-Smith. Kim and Lee have released several albums. You can read all about Kim & Lee and purchase their music from their own website KimAndLee.co.uk They have just released their latest album: Purple Kittens, with Liam Gray on drums. Purple Kittens is already receiving glowing reviews, as is the previous album Sunshine Walkers. Check out some of the reviews and purchase the new album here.

There is much more to read about Kim and Lee on their Kim & Lee website and on their individual websites: LeeCaveBerry.co.uk and Kimberley Rew.co.uk where you will find full biographies, photos and more. On Kimberley’s website you can also read about his time with cult band The Soft Boys and his interests outside the world of music …there’s a lot there, varied and interesting, well worth a look.

Keep up to date on the latest information in the News pages of the Kim & Lee website.D

Kimberley Rew and Lee cave Berry performing live as Kim & Lee

Katrina Leskanich tours constantly with her band and has played all over the globe.

You can see Katrina’s current/forthcoming tour dates on her website KatrinasWeb.com

You can also see information about Katrina’s books, music and view videos on her website.

Katrina has a new single ‘Holiday’ out now. Check out the video here!

Katrina and The Waves band photo live Malmo 1988
Alex Cooper, Katrina and The Waves

Alex Cooper is a drummer. Al can never retire. It is what he does, what he is defined by. He gigs constantly with friends and acquaintances he´s made over 30 years drumming.

His influences started with Buddy Rich, then there was Brian Bennett, Ringo, Keith Moon, Mick Fleetwood, Dave Mattacks… the list goes on and on. He is still accused by many of being one of the loudest drummers around but most will put up with it because he still has the intense energy that, most famously, you can hear in that perennial pop classic Walking On Sunshine. “And Don’t It Feel Good?”

Vince Delacruz is another founder member of Eurovision Song Contest winners Katrina and the Waves and writer of top 40 hits “Do You Want Crying?” and “Sun Street”. A Grammy nominated multi instrumentalist, Vince has toured with The Beach Boys, Don Henley, The Kinks, Fleetwood Mac. Recorded at The Power Station with Scott Litt (Producer R.E.M.). Performed twice on “The Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson. Recorded and performed “We Gotta Get Outta This Place” with Eric Burdon on “China Beach”, and is still crafting pop and social comment songs in this topsy turvy world.

Vince de la Cruz, Katrina And The Waves